Why another Classics Blog?

There are not that many Classics blogs, though there are some good ones. I will return to that theme. But the possible gap in the market is not the point. There are a few things I want to say about Classics, and a blog seemed the best way to do it.

So I registered the classicsblog.net URL, and put up this WordPress site. (WordPress? I am a Drupalista, really, but using Drupal for a blog is a sledgehammer to crack a nut. So far, WordPress is very easy to use. Too easy… Drupal is like the Classical languages: great when you get the hang of it, there is always more to learn, and it decently excludes anyone who does not choose to expend a lot of time and energy!)

By the way, I am happy to host anyone else’s Classics-related blog here, on the basis that critical mass makes it easier to get attention on the Net. If you are not a spammer, get in touch. Spammers, no doubt, will come as παρασίτοι, though the gates have been locked.

Not sure how long my own blog will continue. That depends on whether, once I have said what I want to say, I find I want to say something else!

In due course I will probably put up a page saying who I am, for the curious. For now I should work out how to create a contact form on this WordPress site, have a cup of tea (or maybe a Caiparinho; my latest drink of choice), and go to bed!

Gratias tibi habeo, cum has meas nugas adhuc legeres.

BTW, please do correct my errors, in classical languages or otherwise. I take polite correction as a favour!


3 thoughts on “Why another Classics Blog?

    • Ah – it is only the Greek word parasitoi in Greek letters: parasites (or, people who sit by and consume your food, and, according to the Greek dictionary, repay with flattery!).

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