Where have I been? Drupal Websites, self promotion, & Greek Verbs….

The blog has been quiet for a few days. I have been busy assembling a website advertising web development services. Along with a friend who is a Java developer, we are calling our business Digit Professionals. We are focusing on offering Drupal websites. WordPress (which is used for this blog) is ridiculously easy to set up and maintain, but a bit limited unless one uses loads of plugins and customisation. Besides I still have the impression that a WordPress site always looks like a WordPress site, and it is difficult to put one’s finger on why that should be so.

Self promotion is essential. I often think the Classics as a whole would benefit if more Classicists had a good home page where they could interact with the wider public, as well as with professional colleagues. But of course it all takes time.

What else have I been up to? Well, I have been revising Greek verbs. It is nice that the paradigm of luō starts on page 100 of Goodwin: easy to remember. But I started by reading the various tense systems which he sets out, and which I never recall anyone teaching.

The fact I need to revise Greek verbs probably means I am not reading enough Greek! But how many Classicists will admit to not needing to revise Greek verbs? My guess as that those who never need to are in the minority.